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Instant Recipe!

Category: lifestyle
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Submitted by JMendes - over a month ago


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Recipes & Food Inventory

App Description

So my fiancé is always asking me “Honey, what do you want for dinner tonight?” and my answer is always a simple “I don’t know”, simply because I never know. So recently it dawned on me that maybe this whole process can be simplified. As I was thinking about a solution to my dinner problem it came to me. “What if I could scan all of our food items with my phone and then be displayed a list of possible recipes?” From there my idea was born.

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  • To make money with the application and web client the app would charge advertisers for listing...
  • What about people that just want to head to the store and purchase only products they need for a...
  • This type of system can also help people that are diabetic. Imagine being given recipes based on...
  • You will only have to buy food items that you need to complete a recipe which will therefore help...
  • You will be able to create an account and setup everything through the application on your...
  • What about people that just want to head to the store and purchase only products they need for a...
  • You can then select the recipe you want to make and get to work. So at the end of the day being...
  • Once you have your inventory of products created you are then presented with a list of possible...
  • So the first step is to scan your items around the house. This will create an inventory of what...
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over a month ago by JMendes
I've looked at a lot of the recipe apps currently on the market and most seem to be lacking. I'm hoping someone out there will come across this and build something cool that people can actually use. There are so many things that can be tied into this app to make it really awesome. I have many ideas in regards to features that can be added to continually make this app stand out from the rest. I hope at the very least that this app idea helps inspire others to build more robust recipe apps.
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