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Category: lifestyle
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Submitted by Mrityunjay(Jay) - over a month ago

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Turn in your old life for a better life what if somone out there was to change the life of a anyone without jugment without reason without wanting back. A Hero or just our inner good giving a gift under the paper rapping is that one true new begin again a new life a new star. total change welth could give that hard working person the tools to keep there job a singer to keep writing, a mother and father a chance to give there children legacy. life should not be hell for anyone wanting to live life. Give to the poor but give for the gift of giving greatly give a poor man a poor woman a poor child a future a poor teen there dreams to be real and to go on living growing know why they have been given this fresh new life so they to can give another that gift and just givin the chance a nation can live life and mabie our world dosent half to work so hard to survive life.

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wouldent life be great to live life if only you dident have to claw your way out of hopless poverty and neverending nightmares that one calls hell was totaly changed by a Hero With Riches and power to change that person or famleys life and givin a new start by turning them from poir to welthy to rich in 10 seconds and life given back for nothing but the feeling that you have given freedom back to those that are chained by dept and poverty and simply forgotten or those forced to conform to acting out sins

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over a month ago by Mrityunjay(Jay)
change somones life give to anyone you know the chance they need to live life the way they wanted
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