What is AppDreamr?

AppDreamr is a place to brainstorm great new apps. Come up with concepts, features, and even prototype images. Then discuss your ideas with other people to come up with the best app possible.

What happens with the concepts?

That depends. Nothing happens automatically. The point of AppDreamr is to provide a great place for people to brainstorm. From there, app developers can review ideas and decide if they are worth pursuing. Any concept with enough votes and positive discussion is probably going to be a good deal for a developer to produce!

How do I set an app concept as private?

Currently there is no support for that. All dreams are public! That said, in the future we may add support for additional offerings (possibly paid) for private spaces for small businesses to use.

If someone develops my ideas do I get paid?

Not likely. If you are looking to be paid for your great app idea, then you should probably approach a publisher directly. By getting great ideas out there, everyone wins since developers get ideas that they know will be successful, and end-users get to provide lots of input.